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6 months ago, Facebook launched "3D Photos", images offering improved perspective and movement of calendar images by leveraging the degree data captured by the dual i-phone camera photographic. People from other devices, however, were forgotten in the cool because the attribute of 3-D images did not support import from Android phones or desktops. Fortunately, everything has changed since Facebook has enabled the full download of 3-dimensional images from a PC browser, with support for the Android mobile phone in the coming months. Anyone can also use 3-dimensional images in your testimonials. How to publish a 3-dimensional photo on Facebook from your internet browser Importing a 3-dimensional photo from your Internet browser requires a little more work than doing it from a saved Apple iPhone, whose attribute is built into the Facebook iOS application. Nevertheless, it's a great, more versatile way, as it allows you to change the impact and even add degrees to captured images without degree data, for example personal computer works and even works of art . To publish a 3-dimensional photo, you must submit an image report and associated degree table. The degree diagram is simply a form of grayscale of the look where the elements appear darker in the range and slowly become brighter when they process the digital camera. We will see how you can find a degree diagram later. To create your 3-dimensional photo on Facebook, you must first make sure that your photo and diploma diagram conform to the Facebook identification tradition for 3-dimensional images. Provide the diagram in degrees of the report with the same report mark as the single photo, with the addition of A_depth just before .

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