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At the end of the Second World War, America was widely appreciated in Vietnam for pushing back the occupiers of Asia. Even Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionary nationalist and communist, has achieved a positive result. s . But, with the relationship to 5 Ough. Ersus. Presidents, this relationship has deteriorated and America and Vietnam have been left alone at war. At first, many Vietnamese worshiped the Zero Colonial point of view of the head of the administration, Franklin Deb. Roosevelt, who opposed the return with the colonizers of this language and who declared in a charter that each individual had been built with a power "to choose the mode of government of this agreement, he would live". By Wwii, Ho Chi Minh got biceps from the precursor of your CIA, so it's easier to locate U shot. s. Airmen and brains accumulated on Japanese armed service opportunities. Then, on September 2, 1945 only, your official day of Japan, estimated Ho of your Ough. Ersus. Declaration of self-sufficiency in a speech in which he implored the Companions to recognize the self-sufficiency of Vietnam. He then made several more attempts to get the United States from him. The burglar alarm growing in the spread of communist tip, nevertheless, would be a tennis ball for the Ough. Ersus. -The Vietnam love relationship off target and ultimately in the war. Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Brown and Nixon oversaw the discord, which has grown worse over the years. Although every American president has asked private questions about U. s. commitment, no one thought to be held responsible for the loss of Vietnam on the communists.

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